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PCDP and other painters meet every Wednesday at Palm Coast's brand new Community Center. These are informal get-together painting sessions and are held from 9-12 under the title of Open Art Studio. Folks can just bring something to work on... UFO's or whatever. These have turned out to be lots of fun with both new people to meet; bonding among members and help and ideas for all.
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Palm Coast Decorative Painters “My Chapter and Me…What We Do for Each Other” What My Chapter Provides for me: An attractive, well-lit space for my monthly painting and meetings which include breakfast treats and coffee. Chances to make new painting friends in a comfortable setting. 9 monthly workshops giving me a chance to learn new skills and grow. One or two seminars taught by nationally recognized teachers. (Seminars are often subsidized in part by chapter fund-raising projects). A free Christmas party and fun-filled event with door prizes, favors and great food …fully subsidized by funds raised by my chapter and member donations. $15 worth of painting supplies for new members (those who have not belonged to our chapter for 3 years or more). A weekly informal painting session – through participation with the Palm Coast Community Center Open Art Studio – members gather with other artists to work informally on their own projects. (Our experienced painters and teachers are present to help with Unfinished Objects (UFOs) and skill developments. (Wednesdays 9- 12 at the Community Center). A chance to use my painting for a community charity – members paint simple designs on photo, or shoe, boxes for children in the Kids R First program of Flagler Count Guardian Ad Litem. (NOTE: Each year 100-150 boxes are completed for foster children. The Chapter gives a free workshop certificate to members who complete and turn in three boxes. All boxes are provided free of cost too members by the Chapter.) As a Member, What I Give Back to My Chapter: My recognition of the need for MY involvement in all my chapter fund raisers and other undertakings. My attendance at monthly meetings (whether painting or not) to help set the direction of the chapter and enhance enthusiasm of chapter members. My willingness to step up to committee and officer vacancies. My participation in all fund-raising events of the chapter. My help with set-ups, clean-ups, and think-ups (ideas!!!) for chapter meetings. My giving to the chapter’s community service project by painting a minimum of 3 boxes for the Kids R First program. My chapter rewards me by giving me a free workshop certificate when I turn in three (3) completed boxes. My enthusiasm for all things associated with helping to grow decorative painting as a wonderful source of self- fulfillment and pride!
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